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Where is the key to choosing your own export tray?

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As the saying goes, it is a good thing for better things recently, meaning that something good for yourself that are not bad things really suitable to the good, but also export export pallets, pallet manufacturers to share their key for export tray where.

(Ⅰ) selection of export pallet materials

(1) export tray material selection 1, according to the use environment of different materials: tray tray temperature of different materials has its normal temperature range play performance, the use of different temperature will directly affect the pallet manufacturing material selection. For example, the use of plastic pallets temperature should be controlled at -25 DEG -40 DEG, the use range of wooden pallets is widely used, the wood is not affected by temperature. Humidity: tray of some materials such as wooden pallets and paper tray with strong hygroscopicity, should be avoided for the humid environment, otherwise it will directly affect the service life. Use environmental cleanliness: to consider the use of environmental pollution of the tray. High pollution environment must choose pollution resistant, easy to clean pallets, such as plastic pallets, steel pallets, composite pallets and so on. Carrying the goods to the tray material requirements: sometimes the tray carrying goods corrosive or carrying goods tray with high cleaning degree, this time to choose a strong corrosion resistance of plastic trays or wooden pallets after processing.

2, according to the specific use pallets pallet selection of different materials carrying goods for export are: many countries for import goods packaging materials to be used for fumigation treatment, so the tray for export using should as far as possible to choose the artificial wood material or by heating and pressing the depth of processing packaging, such as plywood particleboard, fiberboard, materials such as plastic pallets, wooden pallets or simple metal tray, paper tray. Whether the pallet is used on the shelf: the pallet used for the shelf stacking should choose the pallet with strong rigidity, easy deformation and large dynamic load, such as steel pallets, wooden pallets and plastic trays with metal embedded pipes.

(Ⅱ) products, containers, shelves, transport vehicles and transport pallet pallet size of the export of goods and transportation facilities have a direct relationship, you the size of the tray is five or six basis points to consider other equipment specifications. In order to establish an effective pallet public system, pallet with uniform specifications must be used. Pallet standardization is the premise of pallet operation.

At present, the new ISO international standard pallet size as follows: size commonly used in 1200*100 (mm) 1200*800 (mm) 1100*1100 Europe America (mm) taking into account the general use of the tray in the future, it should be possible to use this tray several specifications, in exchange for days after use and tray. Of course, various industries have formed their own packaging size for a long time, and they will have some different requirements for the size and size of the pallet. But in the long run, we should choose the international size.

In addition, the size of the pallet should also be considered:

1, to consider the transport and transport equipment specification suitable tray size should be consistent with the transportation of size, can make full use of transportation space, save transportation cost, especially considering the size of the container and transport truck.

2, we should consider the pallet in the packaging of goods specifications, according to the pallet installed in the packaging specifications of goods to choose the appropriate tray, you can maximize the use of the surface area of the pallet. Reasonable tray size can be used to 80% of the surface area utilization.

3, to consider the use of pallets in the area of the pallet flow directly affect the size of the pallet selection. Usually go to European goods to choose 1200*1000 or 1200*800 tray; the tray to the Japanese and Korean goods to choose 1100*1100; go to Oceania to choose goods pallet 1140*1140 or 1067*1067; the goods sent to the United States to select "*48 40 inches tray, in 1210 to the United States, 1200*1000mm tray in the world's most widely used, has also been widely used in China.

(Ⅲ) the mechanism of selecting pallet on the structure of the pallet directly affects the efficiency of the pallet, and the suitable structure can give full play to the characteristics of high efficiency of handling and storage. 1, as to use the tray deck, pallets are no longer moving in goods, just pray the moisture-proof waterproof effect, can choose the tray with simple structure and low cost. Such as simple wooden pallets or simple plastic pallets, but should pay attention to static load tray.

2, for transportation, handling, loading and unloading pallet to choose high strength, dynamic load large tray. This kind of pallet should be used repeatedly and cooperate with the forklift, so the strength of the tray is higher, and the tray structure is called "Tian font" or "Chuan font".

3, according to whether the pallet after loading the goods to be stacked to choose single-sided pallets or double pallets. Single pallet is not suitable for stacking because it is only a bearing surface, otherwise it will cause damage to the lower layer. It is necessary to choose double deck pallet when loading goods.

4, if the tray is used in three-dimensional warehouse shelves, to consider whether the tray structure suitable for stacking on the shelf. Generally, since the goods can only be inserted from the shelves in two directions, the pallet on the shelf should be used as far as possible in the pallet with four sides in the fork so as to facilitate the fork lift of the fork and improve the work efficiency. The tray usually chooses the structure of Tian font.

(Ⅳ) the maximum weight bearing tray dynamic load forkball car a can allow lift: static load refers to the stack, the maximum weight at the bottom of the tray can bear the load to load; overhead on the shelf. If it is used on the shelf, we must pay attention to the difference between dynamic load and overhead load, the national standard of deflection is the largest 30mm, but this standard is obviously wide. The flexibility of our simple use on the shelf should be no more than 20mm. If it is an auto stereoscopic library, this requirement is more strict.

(Ⅴ) the use of cold storage and other factors to be considered when the plastic tray will become brittle: excessive addition of renewable materials reduce the service life of the tray; the use of hollow blow molding tray is more suitable for the chemical industry; from the long-term cost of plastic pallets than wooden pallets more economical.

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